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    The Perfect Party Snack

    Whether you are tailgating, enjoying a cookout with friends, or just want a healthy snack, our fresh (and Gluten Free) Salsa is the perfect treat.

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    Fresh Black Maize Salsa

    Black Maize Salsa is made locally with the freshest ingredients, guaranteeing that your taste buds are satisfied.

"It's All About The Salsa..."

jar01Black Maize Salsa all started with a quest. A quest to find something better than the standard salsas on the grocery shelves. A quest to find that perfect blend of vegetables and herbs with a fresh taste.

Mike Wedin, a Greenville, SC resident, experimented with different blends of fresh ingredients until he discovered the one that made him smile. And when he served friends and family, they smiled too. From that point, it took just the small spark of some guests at his home for an afternoon of football games insisting that the salsa was so good and unique that people would definitely purchase it.

And Black Maize Salsa was born...

In addition to insisting on the freshest ingredients, Mike, and his wife, Kelly, resolved to also incorporate local suppliers for as many supplies and services as possible. Virtually every aspect of Black Maize Salsa has ties to the Upsate South Carolina area.

Southern Knife, LLC (Black Maize's parent corporation) now provides the salsa to individuals who want the freshest taste possible, as well as to companies who are looking for unique customer and employee gifts.

Due to the fresh nature of our product, we accept pre-orders for both small and large orders. Orders are available for pickup at THESE LOCATIONS, and delivery is available for larger orders. All product must be refrigerated to maintain freshness and quality!

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Fan Feedback

It's the best I've ever had and I've lived in South Texas!

Maj.(Ret.) Bert Medlock

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